3 Reasons to Get a MongoDB Certification for Your Big Data Career

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Big Data Career – When it comes to being a Big Data Hadoop developer, you’re already ahead of the curve. It is in high demand in the market for developers who have experience with Hadoop 2.7 and CloudLab; the use of Big Data to gain actionable insights is becoming increasingly popular in every industry around the world.

Obtaining Hadoop certification or demonstrating your Hadoop expertise through relevant work experience (for example, by implementing real-world industry projects in Hadoop technologies) has already demonstrated to employers that you are a person who is well-suited to positions in the field of Data Analytics. You will, however, require additional skills if you wish to advance in the industry.

A multi-skilled professional is likely to earn significantly more than their peers in the same field. Big Data developers who are skilled in both Hadoop and Apache Spark earn significantly more than professionals who are only skilled in one framework, according to Indeed. Additionally, headhunters are on the lookout for people who have a diverse range of analytical skills for specialized projects and job roles, the data shows.

Why MongoDB Certification?

1. Combine your abilities and become a member of the Elite Club.

The big data ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace, and the Hadoop framework continues to be the most in-demand skill, ranking first among all other frameworks. With Big Data requirements shifting from batch processing to real-time streaming and processing, it is becoming increasingly important to specialize in additional skills.

Multiskilling allows you to gain greater expertise in a variety of areas. This article sheds light on the skills that are in high demand on a global platform, as well as the job roles that are in high demand in your local area.

2. Upskilling in MongoDB Can Help Big Data Developers Earn More

This type of NoSQL database is document-oriented and uses the MongoDB library to store its information. It is the most widely used type of document storage system available on the market nowadays.

It appears from the most recent salary reports published by indeed.com that there is a high demand for highly qualified Big Data professionals. In the following table, you will find an estimate of the salary benefits associated with learning how to use various data analytics tools. This can assist you in determining which skills you need to learn in order to increase your earnings and progress up the Big Data career ladder.

3. Big Data Landscape in India

According to market research, adding more skills to your knowledge bank can help you gain a competitive advantage and advance your career in the Big Data industry. Basic certifications, advanced certifications, and mastery of one or two specialized skills, in combination with one or more other qualifications, will open many doors for the right candidate.

If you want to make your resume stand out from the crowd, you should consider upskilling. In addition, what methods do you use to upgrade your abilities? Certifications are the most effective method of demonstrating your competence, according to research findings. Get started today by earning your new certification and advancing your career.


Knowing a variety of frameworks will help you in your Big Data career, so learn them all. In addition to helping you improve your skills as a Big Data Engineer, obtaining a MongoDB certification can provide a significant boost to your career in terms of salary and advancement.